Recent Articles

In the past this site has featured some lighter,
colloquial blog posts. These articles discuss issues
related to the greater physiotherapy community. Thus, I
present a few mantras I have heard, adapted or made up
for the physios to live by in the coming year.

Radial tunnel syndrome is rare, it is challenging to
differentially diagnose and can be a monster to manage.
If you have a recalcitrant case of tennis elbow then
this post will interest you! This article discusses the
best available evidence for assessment and management of
radial tunnel syndrome.

Have you ever heard of snapping scapula syndrome? If you
answered no, I would not be too surprised. Whilst this
condition is more common than you may think, it seems to
be underappreciated within the physiotherapy. Thus, this
article will discuss snapping scapula syndrome including
what it is, why it occurs and what you need to do to fix

Ankle sprains are very common in the practice of sports
physiotherapy. However, unfortunately many patients go
on to have long term problems. This has lead to the
development of many proposed treatments and
rehabilitation programs. This article will discuss new
research into the use of manual therapy techniques
combined with exercises for the rehabilitation of
inversion ankle sprains.

As a sports physiotherapist, it is important that you
not only rehabilitate athletes but ensure that they are
fully fit to return to play. As many of you are fully
aware, objective measures such us a full active range of
motion does not determine an athlete’s readiness
to RTP. Accordingly, a comprehensive assessment of an
athlete’s function, via functional performance
testing, becomes an absolute assessment necessity. This
article will discuss current research on the the role
and implementation of functional performance testing, as
well as some tests that you may use in your own clinical