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In the past this site has featured some lighter, colloquial blog posts. These articles discuss issues related to the greater physiotherapy community. Thus, I present a few mantras I have heard, adapted or made up for the physios to live by in the coming year.

Can we get better results? The answer is yes. I am certain that following many physiotherapy or physical therapy treatments there is something else that could have been done or said that would allow the patient to get better results. Unfortunately, most physiotherapists do not have all day to spend with one patient, and are thus limited in what they can do. We just want to hope that we can efficiently deliver the best possible treatment or intervention in any given environment. This is why prioritising treatments and using Pareto’s Law can be quite important.

One of the best things we can do for our patients is communicate with them well. Look at your day in the clinic: it’s talk, talk, talk! It is important that we talk well, as great communication is vital to becoming a great therapist. This is well covered ground on this site, as we have discussed the power of a great analogy and the role of communication in improving patient compliance. This article will discuss another valuable tool you have in your ‘Communicate Like A Champ’ toolbox… storytelling.

Let me ask you a question; do you work in a successful sports physiotherapy practice? If you said yes, firstly congratulations, I’m glad to hear that! My follow-up question is why is your practice so successful? What are the reasons or factors that make your sports physiotherapy practice a highly successful one?

Introduction Let me introduce you to Vilfredo Pareto (pictured left), some of you may have heard of this man previously, however I am sure that many of you have not. Mr Pareto was an Italian engineer, sociologist, economist, political scientist and philosopher (sounds like an over-achiever to me!) who walked the Earth in the early […]