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You know what I’ve learned after talking to incredible sports physiotherapists and sports medicine professionals, attending numerous professional development courses, conferences and seminars and reading many books: there is so much that I don’t know! And I say that without any reservation, as I know that it is impossible to stay at the forefront of current practice and research in all fields of sports medicine. There is just not enough hours in the day. Fortunately, I also know not to pass up opportunities to learn from experts in a given field. Thus, I would like to introduce you to Michael Boyle.

Who Is Michael Boyle?

Well, for starters I am sure many of you will have heard of Mike before. For those who haven’t, Mike is a Strength and Conditioning Coach from the US with an impressive resume that includes;

  • Experience with elite athletes from many sports including NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB.
  • Consultant for the Boston Red Sox (MLB)
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Boston Bruins (NHL)
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for the US Olympic Ice Hockey Team
  • Published Author of Functional Training for Sports and Advances in Functional Training

But, don’t take it from me… listen to what the athletes that Mike has trained have to say (about 2 -3 minutes into the video below)

Now, imagine if those athletes were saying these things about you!

Why Is ‘Strength and Conditioning’ Important?

If you are a sports physiotherapist or physical therapist that works with athletes then strength and conditioning is going to be a part of your rehabilitation, whether you call it that or not. There is no way that you can return an athlete to their desired level of high function without utilising the tested strategies implemented effectively by elite level strength and conditioning coaches across the world. Think of the final stages of any rehabilitation program that you have designed – the kinds of high level and sports specific exercises that you prescribe – now that’s strength and conditioning!

What Can Mike Teach Me?

Mike has recently released an awesome 6 DVD set called Functional Strength Coach 4.0, and I have spent the last few days going through the brilliant content contained in the DVD’s, which include lecture content and real practical sessions in the gym. Below are some of the most interesting parts of the topics for physiotherapists, and also some notions I took away from the teachings.

Part I: Training Clients and Athletes

  • The only 3 goals of any strength and conditioning programs
  • Specific effects of Joint Dysfunction you’re probably overlooking
  • Mobility versus flexibility and why it matters
  • The importance of ankle and hip mobility when talking about form and injury
  • Rotary Training progressions and regressions
  • Complex Training progressions and regressions
  • Advanced glut activation exercises: useful for lower back pain and hamstring strain presentations
  • Dealing with Injury – Boyle’s Theory
  • Single Leg Versus Double Leg…when, where and why
  • Tips for Hockey, Football, Basketball ‘Specific’ conditioning
  • Why you should foam roll and exactly how we do it
  • 7 Patterns of Strength Programming
  • Why squatting starts on the ground
  • Strategies to Correct Valgus Knee Collapse
  • The use of “Reactive Neuromuscular Training”
  • The importance of the Kinetic Chain
  • Why Everything Changes When You Stand on One Leg
  • How we approach Basic and Advanced Periodization
  • Specific linear speed and multi directional speed day warm up progressions
  • The Truth about Functional Training
  • Understanding Hip Flexion and the 7 factors affecting performance
  • Advanced Load and Strength Progressions
  • Two Things To Avoid with ‘Core Training’ (and why I don’t like that term)
  • Much more. Including: Sample 2 Day In-Season Program, Sample 3 Day Off-Season Program, Full Summer 4 Phase Program

Click Here To Learn More About Functional Strength Coach

Nice, What Else Does Mike Cover?

The bonuses continue as Mike delves deeper into the ‘business’ of health and business in Functional Strength Coach 4.0. He discusses some great business tips for running your own business relevant to physiotherapists who own (or plan to own) their own clinic.

Part II: Owning Your Own Facility (…And Making It Successful!)

  • Why the 10,000 hour rule will make or break your business’
  • How to run a successful facility
  • How big your first facility should be
  • 3 Rules for purchasing equipment
  • Why you should…or shouldn’t…buy a franchise
  • Financials and knowing your numbers
  • The simple truth about managing and developing staff
  • Why getting clients comes down to the ‘crazies’
  • 21 suggestions guaranteed to lead to success…in business and life
  • The importance of social media and an online presence

Also included as a bonus is Boyle’s renowned one hour ‘Success Secrets’ lecture filmed at the 2011 Perform Better One Day Seminar, which includes:

  • Why Aren’t You Successful? Follow this rule and everything changes
  • My personal take on Goals…setting them and achieving them
  • 2 types of people who succeed…and why
  • The #1 thing that happens to Anyone who is Excellent at Anything
  • Do you Really want your Your Own Facility?
  • The Mike Boyle Strength Coach Story
  • Specific Action steps to help you build momentum

So, What Are You Waiting For?

If you are interested in learning from one of the world’s prominent experts in the field of strength and conditioning then Check Out Functional Strength Coach 4 Here. This 6 DVD program, which is a fraction of the price of many Professional Development Courses and Conferences, will suit:

  • Young physiotherapists and physical therapists looking to increase their ‘strength and conditioning’ knowledge
  • Experienced physiotherapists/physical therapists who want to learn about; advanced exercise progressions, program periodisation and elite level strength and conditioning
  • Private clinic/practice owners who want to excel in their own business OR who want to give the DVD’s to their staff as professional development!

I will leave the last word to Mike Boyle, as he teaches his own staff about Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats

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