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The post-operative rehabilitation of an ACL reconstruction is something that many sports physiotherapists perform on a daily basis. Many will know that muscular atrophy is quite common; particularly affecting the quadriceps, hamstrings and triceps surae. In fact, quadriceps atrophy and strength will often exceed 20% during the first three months (Nicholas et al., 2001). Therefore, we see post-operative rehabilitation protocols focusing on quick restoration of the patients muscle function and strength. Thus, we are often quick to, and appropriately so, prescribe exercises. However, this article will discuss the potential for the additional clinical benefits of electrical muscle stimulation (electro-stimulation)

Groin pain is a common complaint in sports involving running, kicking and explosive changes of direction, and as such is frequently encountered by the sports physiotherapist. In soccer, groin and lower abdominal pain accounts for 10-13% of injuries per year. However, due to the number of potential differential diagnoses for athletes with chronic pain in the groin and lower abdominal region only a small proportion of athletes are eventually diagnosed with athletic pubalgia (sports hernias). Athletic pubalgia is a poorly understood disease process and it is imperative that athletes with the condition are managed appropriately as the symptoms can eventually limit the athlete’s participation in training and playing.

In this episode of the podcast I interview Jonathan Mulford. Dr Mulford is an Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in all aspects of knee surgery. He graduated from the University of Tasmania with Honours in 1995, and completed his orthopaedic training in Sydney in 2005. In addition to his clinical work he has a strong interest in clinical research, and has just authored a systematic review on the use of the LARS ligament.

In the previous article (see below) we discussed the MACI procedure including a rough guideline for physiotherapy rehabilitation following the surgery. In this article we will expand on this idea and discuss the mid-term outcomes of the surgery, including that which we are all interested in; return to play outcomes.