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Something A Little Different: So, I have decided to do something a little bit different. I have invested some time into creating some videos for YouTube based on various diagnoses and pathologies that have been previously discussed on this site. I have done this for a few reasons, including to allow the blog/site to reach a greater audience, to assist or cater for those who prefer to watch or listen to information rather than read lengthy articles and also to allow physiotherapists and physical therapists to refer patients/athletes to the videos as a source of information, which can be consumed in their own time….

As I suggested in the previous post: assessment of scapular dyskinesis; sports physiotherapists regularly assess and rehabilitate shoulder dysfunctions and pathologies. As a sports physiotherapists it is important to evaluate the contributing factors to shoulder pathology. A common contributor, seen in 68-100% of shoulder injuries, is scapular dyskinesis. If you treat shoulders, ‘treating the scapula’ is absolutely paramount … ignore it at your own peril. This article will discuss some treatment options for scapular dyskinesis

This video taping technique tutorial is for a low grade/sprain medial collateral ligament injury. This is a really quick and simple method to provide some support to the injured structures. If you consider the PRICE management of acute soft tissue injuries – this is perfect to use in the protection phase.

My Favourite Dynamic Postural Control Objective Outcome Measure Firstly, thanks for checking out the video. I hope that it was helpful and if you are not already using the Star Excursion Balance Test you will now.  This is the information that I felt was too ‘nitty gritty’ to include in the video. Reliability of the […]