Medial Collateral Ligament Injury Sports Taping Technique

This taping technique is for a low grade/sprain medial collateral ligament injury. This is a really quick and simple method to provide some support to the injured structures. If the athlete requires more support than this you may suggest that they require a fixed 30 – 90 degree ROM brace.

As I state in the video this is similar to what I would use for RTP, however, it is likely that I would use more of the diagonal lines of tape. It is worth noting that this athlete had full and painfree extension ROM, which is not always the case. If that was not the case and wanted to prevent full (hyper)extension of the knee, you could consider doing the ‘X orientation’ of tape across the posterior knee joint in the same position.


And that’s it! Hope this is helpful for you guys and is not too simplistic for all readers. Be sure to let me know in the comments or catch me on Facebook or Twitter


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