TSP008: LARS/ACL Reconstruction with Jonathan Mulford

In This Episode

In this episode of the podcast I interview Jonathan Mulford. Dr Mulford is an Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in all aspects of knee surgery. He graduated from the University of Tasmania with Honours in 1995, and completed his orthopaedic training in Sydney in 2005. In addition to his clinical work he has a strong interest in clinical research, and has just authored a systematic review on the use of the LARS ligament. In the interview we discuss:

  • His career pathway
  • The results of his research on the LARS
  • How he feels LARS should be utilised and the implications for clinical practice
  • Rehabilitation following the LARS and other grafts for ACL Reconstruction
  • Gauging return to play readiness in late stage ACL reconstruction athletes
  • Jonathan’s Top 5 tips for successful prevention and management of groin pathology

Jonathan discusses some great information that can improve your assessment, management and prevention of the athlete’s following ACL reconstructions. I hope that you love it: ok, enough faffing and enjoy the show!

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Research Discussed In This Episode

The PEP Program

Example LARS Rehabilitation Program

Gilchrist J, Mandelbaum BR, Melancon H, Ryan GW, Silver HJ, Griffin LY, Watanabe DS, Dick RW, Dvorak J. A randomised controlled trial to prevent noncontact anterior cruciate ligament injury in female collegiate soccer players. Am J Sports Med 2008;36(8):1476-1483.

Myer GD, Schmitt LC, Brent JL, Ford KR, Foss KDB, Scherer BJ, Heidt RS, Divine JG, Hewett TE. Utilization of modified NFL combine testing to identify functional deficits in athletes following ACL reconstruction. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 2011;41(6):377-387.

Mulford JS, Chen D. The ligament advanced reinforcement system ligament for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: what’s all the fuss about? A systematic review of polyethylene terephthalate grafts. ANZ J Surg 2011

Photo Credit: Glutnix

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  1. Popularity is growing for this kind of treatment over here in oz and our australian football league.