TSP009: Footwear Prescription for Running with Trent Salkavich

In This Episode

In this episode of the podcast I interview Trent Salkavich. Trent is a Sports Podiatrist and Director of SportsPodiatrists.com.au , he consults from Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, Balmain Sports Medicine and Sydney Sports Med Specialists. He is currently the consulting podiatrist for:

    • Australian Defence Force Academy Barracks
    • Sydney Apia (formally known as the Medibank) International Tennis Tournament
    • NSWIS/AIS Tennis players
    • Various AUS/NSW Institute of Sport Athletes
    • Australian Wallabies 2011 World cup team

Trent has considerable experience working with elite level athletes and also integrating with other members of the allied health team including sports physiotherapists. In the interview we discuss:

  • His career pathway
  • A quick foot and biomechanical assessment
  • The use of the Foot Posture Index
  • The most common biomechanical faults he sees in elite level athletes
  • What he recommends when it comes to footwear
  • Where he weighs in on the Barefoot Running Debate

Trent discusses some epic information that can improve your assessment, management and injury prevention of the elite level running athlete. I hope that you love it: ok, enough stalling and enjoy the episode!

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Research Discussed In This Episode

Running Technique: An Evolutionary Medical Perspective Presentation by Sports Physiotherapist Brett Kemble

Running Technique: Rearfoot, Midfoot or Forefoot? Presentation by Sports Podiatrists Emily Smitth

Foot Posture Index

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