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August 2011

In the previous article (see below) we discussed the MACI procedure including a rough guideline for physiotherapy rehabilitation following the surgery. In this article we will expand on this idea and discuss the mid-term outcomes of the surgery, including that which we are all interested in; return to play outcomes. In the world of sports …

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You know what I’ve learned after talking to incredible sports physiotherapists and sports medicine professionals, attending numerous professional development courses, conferences and seminars and reading many books: there is so much that I don’t know. And I say that without reservation, as I know that it is impossible to stay at the forefront of current …

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Ankle sprains are very common in the practice of sports physiotherapy. However, unfortunately many patients go on to have long term problems. This has lead to the development of many proposed treatments and rehabilitation programs. This article will discuss new research into the use of manual therapy techniques combined with exercises for the rehabilitation of …

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In This Episode In this episode of the podcast I continue the interview with Paul Wright. In Part 2, of the interview we discuss: The 4 most successful and easy to implement external marketing strategies How to overcome barriers to implementing these successful strategies 5 of Paul’s business failures and what he learnt from them Why …

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How regularly do you treat injured athletes with reduced lower limb flexibility? The answer from many of you would likely be all day long! It has been well established that athletes with reduced lower limb flexibility are at greater risk of injury (Murphy et al., 2003). Thus, it would be logical that a program of …

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