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The Benefit Of Electro-stimulation following ACL Reconstruction Posted on 16. May, 2012 by The Sports Physiotherapist. 1 The post-operative rehabilitation of an ACL reconstruction is something that many sports physiotherapists perform on a daily basis. Many will know that muscular atrophy is quite common; particularly affecting the quadriceps, hamstrings and triceps surae. In fact, quadriceps atrophy […]

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Intrinsic Foot Muscle Strengthening: A Comparison of Short Foot and Toe Curl Exercises

How important is foot posture? Think about this question… what are your thoughts? I guarantee that the majority sports physiotherapists would be aware of the impact of foot posture on the lower limb kinetic chain. Thus, you sports physiotherapists would be aware of the predisposition to many overuse injuries that poor foot posture will give

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March 2011

Hamstring injuries are an extremely common sporting injury. Hawkins et al. (2001) showed that hamstring injuries accounted for approximately 12% of football injuries. In certain sports, such as Australian Football, hamstring injuries have the highest incidence of any injury (Warren et al., 2010). This means that many teams, and their sports physiotherapists, invest massive amounts

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