TSP004: Mobilisation with Movement with Bill Vicenzino


In this episode of the podcast I interview Bill Vicenzino. Bill Vicenzino is a Professor from the University of Queensland, and is the Chair in Sports Physiotherapy. He is widely published in peer review journals and is the lead author of a new textbook entitled “Mobilisation with Movement: The Art and The Science”. In the interview we discuss :

  • His career pathway
  • The evidence for MWM
  • In what conditions you should consider the use of MWM’s
  • A decision making model for MWM
  • How MWM’s work – from Brian Mulligan’s postional fault hypothesis to neuroscience paradigms
  • Bill’s Top 5 tips for successful implementation of an MWM approach

Bill discusses some great information that can improve your clinical reasoning, your physiotherapy interventions and ultimately improve your management of a variety of patients through MWM’s. I hope that you love it!

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