TSP010: Health Business Success with Paul Wright (Part 1)

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In this episode of the podcast I interview Paul Wright. Paul Wright is a physiotherapist and business consultant. He graduated from his first degree, as a Physical Education teacher, in 1987 and then graduated as a physiotherapist in 1990. He has also completed an Advanced Diploma in Business Management.

Paul has opened multiple multi-disciplinary health clinic and has been actively involved in clinical education around the world having lectured to over 20,000 health professionals. His lecture topics have included exercise program design, injury prevention, rehabilitation and business development. In part 1 of the interview we discuss:

  • His physiotherapy and business career pathway
  • The 3 biggest mistakes physiotherapists make in their businesses
  • Some principles for hiring and firing staff
  • Effective, easy and actionable internal marketing systems you can implement tomorrow.

Paul discusses some great information that can improve how you run your health business – so that you get better results for your patients! I hope that you love it!

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