TSP005: The Throwing Shoulder with Rod Whiteley

In This Episode

In this episode of the podcast I interview Rod Whiteley. Dr Rod Whiteley (FACP) is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, and has extensive experience working with elite sportspeople and has consulted with the Australian Baseball Federation and the Australian Institute of Sport. He is widely published in peer review journals on the topic of the throwing shoulder. In the interview we discuss :

  • His career pathway
  • The important components of the subjective examination
  • The important components of the objective examination
  • Biomechanical contributors to shoulder pathology
  • The most effective managment and treatment strategies
  • Where some physio’s seem to struggle with shoulders
  • Rod’s Top 5 tips for successful management of the throwing shoulder

Rod discusses some great information that can improve your clinical reasoning, your physiotherapy interventions and ultimately improve your management of athletes of shoulder injuries. I hope that you love it!

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Photo: Waldoj