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In This Episode In this episode of the podcast I continue the interview with Paul Wright. In Part 2, of the interview we discuss: The 4 most successful and easy to implement external marketing strategies How to overcome barriers to implementing these successful strategies 5 of Paul’s business failures and what he learnt from them Why […]

In this episode of the podcast I interview Paul Wright. Paul Wright is a physiotherapist and business consultant. He graduated from his first degree, as a Physical Education teacher, in 1987 and then graduated as a physiotherapist in 1990. He has also completed an Advanced Diploma in Business Management. Paul has opened multiple multi-disciplinary health clinic and has been actively involved in clinical education around the world having lectured to over 20,000 health professionals…

You know what I’ve learned after talking to incredible sports physiotherapists and sports medicine professionals, attending numerous professional development courses, conferences and seminars and reading many books: there is so much that I don’t know. And I say that without reservation, as I know that it is impossible to stay at the forefront of current practice and research in all fields of sports medicine. There is just not enough hours in the day. Fortunately, I also know not to pass up opportunities to learn from experts in a given field. Thus, I would like to introduce you to Michael Boyle.

Let me ask you a question; do you work in a successful sports physiotherapy practice? If you said yes, firstly congratulations, I’m glad to hear that! My follow-up question is why is your practice so successful? What are the reasons or factors that make your sports physiotherapy practice a highly successful one?

In this episode of the podcast I interview Paul Penna. Paul Penna is a Sports Psychologist, and has extensive experience working with sports from weekend warriors to elite sportspeople. Paul has worked with the Beijing Olympic Team, Melbourne Commonwealth Games, and currently the Australian Swim Team, Cricket NSW, and Wests Tigers Rugby League Club. In the interview we discuss…

I will start by saying this has nothing to do with the Governator’s recent indiscretions (luckily). Have you ever seen the movie Pumping Iron? It is a docudrama which covers the lead up to the 1975 Mr Olympia contest, which Arnold Schwarzenegger wins for the sixth consecutive time. Now whilst there are not many applications to the world of sports physiotherapy, unless of course you work closely with bodybuilders, there are a few gems in the film which are relevant…

In this episode of the podcast I interview Rod Whiteley. Dr Rod Whiteley (FACP) is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, and has extensive experience working with elite sportsand has consulted with the Australian Baseball Federation and the Australian Institute of Sport. He is widely published in peer review journals on the topic of the throwing shoulder.

In this episode of the podcast I interview Bill Vicenzino. Bill Vicenzino is a Professor from the University of Queensland, and is the Chair in Sports Physiotherapy. He is widely published in peer review journals and is the lead author of a new textbook entitled “Mobilisation with Movement: The Art and The Science”.

In this episode of the podcast I interview Karim Khan. Karim Khan is an Associate Professor from the University of British Columbia, and is the editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine. He has worked with a number of sports at an elite level, as a sports physician, and is well published on the topic of Achilles tendinopathy management. In the interview we discuss

We truly live in a golden age. The wonderful world wide web provides the sports physiotherapist, or indeed any sport medicine practitioner, with significant amounts of relevant and cutting edge information. If you only know where to look you can find amazing amounts of information to guide clinical practice, improve decision making and ultimately enhance the outcomes of athletes. In this article I outline a few of the places that I get free, up to date, and interesting sports physiotherapy information.

In the past this site has featured some lighter, colloquial blog posts. These articles discuss issues related to the greater physiotherapy community. Thus, I present a few mantras I have heard, adapted or made up for the physios to live by in the coming year.

Radial tunnel syndrome is rare, it is challenging to differentially diagnose and can be a monster to manage. If you have a recalcitrant case of tennis elbow then this post will interest you! This article discusses the best available evidence for assessment and management of radial tunnel syndrome.