How To Get The Best FREE Sports Physiotherapy Information

We truly live in a golden age. The wonderful world wide web provides the sports physiotherapist, or indeed any sport medicine practitioner, with significant amounts of relevant and cutting edge information. If you only know where to look you can find amazing amounts of information to guide clinical practice, improve decision making and ultimately enhance the outcomes of athletes. In this article I outline a few of the places that I get free, up to date, and interesting sports physiotherapy information.


There are a few blogs that I enjoy reading. If you have limited time, like I would suggest many physiotherapists do, then I would recommend sticking with this blog. It is clearly the best available. But if you have more time to kill then you may check out:

  • – This is a blog for the discussion of current concepts and recent advances in orthopedics and sports medicine for physical therapists, athletic trainers & other rehabilitations specialists.  Essentially, it is a pretty sweet blog where Mike shares some pearls of wisdom from his years of clinical experience.
  • SportsInjuryClinic Blog discusses current research in the field of sport injury management.
  • BJSM Blogs: A peer review journal for health professionals and researchers in sport and exercise medicine. The blog briefly discusses current research in the field of sports medicine.
  • SportsMD is the most trusted resource for sports health and fitness information for people engaged in sports everywhere. We have assembled the sports industry’s leading Doctors and health experts – each sharing valuable, practical advice to keep you playing injury-free. This site is definitely more for the athlete rather than the health professional, but delivers some good articles for easy reading.


Podcasts are a fantastic resource for free sports physiotherapy information. You can download it, stick it on your mp3 player, and then listen and learn whilst driving, in the gym, whatever.

  • MUSC Sports Medicine Podcast: Brought to you by the Medical University of South Carolina, these podcasts deal with issues about sports medicine and sports related injuries. Topics include treatment for a meniscus tear, injury prevention and surgery options for sports related injuries.
  • PT Talker Podcast: This podcast reviews updates on the newest equipment and products, find tips and techniques for improved patient outcomes, and hear from other clinics about their best business practices, everything you need to stay ahead of the curve in physical therapy. Whilst the content is across the who le spectrum of physiotherapy/physical therapy, you will find some episodes relevant to you as a sports physiotherapist.


Videos are a fantastic method to learn clinical skills due to its visual delivery. Plus, videos are aweseome to watch. Here are are some of the best sports physiotherapy video resources:

  • BJSM Videos: This YouTube channel has a series of detailed videos on the process of physical examination of musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Sports Physiotherapy Videos: This YouTube channel is a compilation of the best sports physiotherapy videos available on YouTube.


Forums are a great place to get free physiotherapy information. The general setup is that less experience sports physiotherapists, or even patients, can ask questions to be answered by physiotherapists with more experience in that area. The two best that I have found are:


You guys should now go and check out the huge amount of free physiotherapy information out there.  Don’t forget us though, the best place to get your sports physiotherapy information. Did I miss any excellent free resources that you guys enjoy reading? Be sure to let me know in the comments or catch me on Facebook or Twitter

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