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It will come as no surprise to anybody that we are in the business of treating soft tissues injuries. If this is a surprise.. stand up and walk away from the screen now … this information or website is not for you! But for the majority of physiotherapists who treat acute soft tissue sports injuries we will base our early interventions around the PRICE principle (protection, relative rest, ice, compression, elevation). This would be considered a component of gold-standard management…

On a daily basis sports physiotherapists assess and diagnose in an attempt to establish contributors to injury. When assessing lower limb injuries one of the most common offenders seems to be excessive dynamic pronation. As you know this movement is required during stance phase to allow for normal patterning. Pronation is not always evil! However, where we get into trouble is when there is excessive pronation. This article will discuss the effectiveness of various external controls in preventing excessive pronation…

In this episode of the podcast I interview Ryan Kendrick. Ryan is an APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, and is the inventor of both posture pals and dynamic tape. He has worked with various sports at an elite level, including elite tennis and Commonwealth Games athletes, and has drawn on this experience when developing his physiotherapy products. A great episode with some real clinical implications for you.

This video taping technique tutorial is for a low grade/sprain medial collateral ligament injury. This is a really quick and simple method to provide some support to the injured structures. If you consider the PRICE management of acute soft tissue injuries – this is perfect to use in the protection phase.

Sports taping is an integral part of the skill-set of a sports physiotherapist. The sports physiotherapist will tape an immeasurable number of joints over their career, and thus most become proficient in this skill. Whilst on the surface sports taping may seem simple or easy, I liken it to Texas Hold ‘Em Poker – it takes minutes to learn, but years to master.

In this article I present the 6 P’s of Sports Taping which identifies 6 components of sports taping that are easy to get right, yet are often done incorrectly by the less experienced or novice sports taper.