TSP 002: Dynamic Tape and Product Invention with Ryan Kendrick


In this episode of the podcast I interview Ryan Kendrick. Ryan is an APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, and is the inventor of both posture pals and dynamic tape. He has worked with various sports at an elite level, including elite tennis and Commonwealth Games athletes, and has drawn on this experience when developing his physiotherapy products. In the interview we discuss :

  • His career pathway
  • The uses and indications for “Dynamic Tape”
  • How the dynamic tape fits in the taping spectrum; including Kinesio and rigid.
  • The clinical presentations in which Dynamic Tape is most effective
  • The process of developing a health care product
  • Ryan’s Top 5 tips for successful health product development

Ryan discusses some great information that can improve your interventions, add to the tools in your toolbox, and ultimately improve your outcomes. I hope that you love it! Click here for more information on the Dynamic Tape.

PLEASE NOTE: I have not received any payment, nor will I, from Ryan or his company for being featured on this episode. It is just a great sports physiotherapy product.

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  1. Great podcast and great info from Ryan too. Liked the comparisons of rigid vs kinesio vs dynamic. Also good insight into creation of health products. Keep up the good work mate, can see how motivational these podcasts can be to aspiring sports PTs.

    • Thanks Bryan! I really appreciate the feedback. I agree, it was interesting to hear from Ryan the different clinical scenarios in which you would opt for a kinesio, rigid or dynamic taping option. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for these podcasts Matthew. I have strated to hear more of this tape in UK sport more recently and look forward to seeing it expand over here!

    • Cheers Rob! All your support is much appreciated. Yeah, Ryan tells me the dynamic tape is being used by the English Rugby Team and in the cricket arena too. Its starting to get some real pull (I make no excuse for the terrible pun).