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TSP 006: Sports Psychology with Paul Penna

TSP 006: Sports Psychology with Paul Penna

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In This Episode

In this episode of the podcast I interview Paul Penna. Paul Penna is a Sports Psychologist, and has extensive experience working with  sports from weekend warriors to elite sportspeople. Paul has worked with the Beijing Olympic Team, Melbourne Commonwealth Games, and currently the Australian Swim Team, Cricket NSW, and Wests Tigers Rugby League Club. In the interview we discuss:

  • His career pathway
  • The psychological impact of sports injury
  • How sports physiotherapists can evaluate an athlete’s psychological function
  • The indicators of poor psychological functioning
  • When and why to refer an athlete to a sports psychologist
  • Paul’s Top 5 tips for successful psychological management of athletes

Paul discusses some great information that can improve your assessment of the athlete’s psychological function and ultimately improve your management of your injured athletes. I hope that you love it!

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